We sell Knowledge,

the Power that comes with it is free!

Everyone Deserves to Know How Money Really Works

Here’s What We Do:


  • Financial Education Programs in the Workplace
  • “Ultimate Stewardship” Programs for Churches
  • Professional certifications for Financial Advisors

Here’s How We Do It:


  • Web based video learning
  • DVD programs
  • Live group events
  • 1 on 1 Mentoring programs

This is Why You Need Us:

enjoying the life together

  • We teach people how to control their money, instead of being controlled by it, or lack of it.
  • Choices bring opportunities for those with money
  • Successful opportunities build wealth and lasting legacies
Employees have financial
problems severe enough to
negatively affect
20 Hours Average
The number of work time
hours a financially stressed
employee spends
per month
The financial industry
and extremely wealthy
people operate on a
completely different
financial strategy

of people
in the world today
If you don't have access
to money, you will always
have to pay others to
borrow theirs.
We teach you how to
always have access to
and control over your
money, and never to be
dependent upon others.

 We currently have free financial workshops scheduled all over the United States, Canada and the West Indies.  Please use the form below to register for the event of your choice.  Let us know the City, State (or Province) where you would like to attend an event.

This is not a sales gimmick!  We do not sell financial products, only knowledge.  The power that comes with that knowledge is free!


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What will you learn at this free workshop?
It's not your fault!
No matter what your financial status, everyone can benefit from this program.   Every one of us has been subjected to the greatest marketing scheme in the history of mankind.
You have been convinced to follow a one size fits all mindset that keeps regular people like us at the mercy of the wealthy who control banks, insurance companies and investment firms.
We'll teach you how this happened, but more importantly how to break that cycle and let your money start working for you for a change.
We DO NOT SELL financial products
The International Financial Leadership Association and the Financial Leadership Academy do not have the capabilities to offer any financial product to you.  This was designed on purpose to give people like you a free place to go to get truly unbiased education and guidance in financial matters without the fear of being sold something.
People who complete our financial education programs see an average increase of accessible monthly cash of $837, or over $10,000 per year without a pay raise!  Knowledge is POWER!
How can we afford to do this?
IFLA and the Academy are primarily a training organization for financial professionals.  Almost 100% of revenue comes from delivering the most credible financial education programs for financial advisors, CPAs and Attorneys anywhere.
These free workshops are funded by people like you who realize what we've shared with you is relevant, and you desire further education and resources to enhance your personal financial situation.  We offer you the opportunity to purchase online education programs and resources to do just that.
We feel everyone should have the opportunity to learn what the wealthy and the financial industry spends Billions of dollars every year to prevent you from knowing.
Please share your feedback
Since no other organization in the world has ever embarked upon an endeavor like this, we strive to continually improve on our procedures, programs and message.  After you attend this event we will send you a brief survey.  Please take a couple moment to help us help others just like you, by giving us your thoughts and opinions.  We hope you enjoy the free Financial Leadership Academy workshop.  You can start making your money work hard for you, so you don't have to work so hard for your money.