Teaching the 99% what the 1% doesn't want them to know

Everyone Deserves to Know How Money Really Works

Here’s What We Do:


  • Financial Education Programs in the Workplace
  • “Ultimate Stewardship” Programs for Churches
  • Professional certifications for Financial Advisors

Here’s How We Do It:


  • Web based video learning
  • DVD programs
  • Live group events
  • 1 on 1 Mentoring programs

This is Why You Need Us:

enjoying the life together

  • We teach people how to control their money, instead of being controlled by it, or lack of it.
  • Choices bring opportunities for those with money
  • Successful opportunities build wealth and lasting legacies
Employees have financial
problems severe enough to
negatively affect
20 Hours Average
The number of work time
hours a financially stressed
employee spends
per month
The financial industry
and extremely wealthy
people operate on a
completely different
financial strategy

of people
in the world today
If you don't have access
to money, you will always
have to pay others to
borrow theirs.
We teach you how to
always have access to
and control over your
money, and never to be
dependent upon others.

The Financial Leadership Academy


"Money Management" is a re-active approach to finance that caused the global debt crisis, why Americans are confused about money, and never seem to have enough money to accomplish their goals.

"Financial Leadership" is the pro-active strategy wealthy people use to multiply their assets. These people understand how money works, and they put their money to work for them to accomplish their goals.

IFLA is the world's first and only "Financial PPO®", connecting people with "Primary Care Advisors®" who provide a holistic approach to personal finance. IFLA also has a network of experts and specialists in various fields to help individuals and businesses maximize their financial future.

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